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Book Review: Barefoot on the Wind by Zoe Marriott

Hana lives in a remote village surrounded by impassable forest and haunted by a terrible beast. Once a month, the beast claims another victim, from children to the elderly, including Hana’s brother. Since then, Hana has done whatever it takes to keep her parents alive as food dwindles and despite her father’s neglect.

Then the beast chooses her father. He wanders into the forest just like all the others, but this time Hana goes after him and manages to bring him back. Alive, but unconscious, and he won’t wake up. Hana begs for anyone in her village to accompany her into the forest and fight the beast to break the spell on him. No one volunteers, so she goes alone.

There, she fights the beast and while she survives, she is badly wounded. A strange, cloaked man finds her and takes her to his home in the middle of an enchanted garden, tending to her wounds for several days. Hana is intrigued by his kindness and mysteriousness, down to the fact he doesn’t remember his own name.

But he does know about the curse on her village, its origins, and the true monster of the forest. Only by working together and finding the truth of the curse can he and Hana free her father, the village, and themselves.

This is an AMAZING retelling of Beauty and the Beast set in Japan. I love Zoe Marriott’s books and this one is one of my favorites. Hana is a tough, determined heroine and the story itself is both beautiful and heartbreaking. Zoe Marriott doesn’t pull punches when it comes to the curse’s backstory. Great book!

Recommended Tea: Jasmine Green Tea

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Fairy Tale Retelling

Camp Nanowrimo

IT’S ALMOST HERE!! Camp Nanowrimo starts in 6.5 hours (for those of us on eastern standard time at least). I have my story mostly planned out, though there are quite a few holes. Check out my two posts about my story to be here and here. It’s a young adult fantasy novel about teens with super powers. But not in a big, us against the world type of story. I’m focusing much smaller, on an incredibly powerful teenage girl and her battle with PTSD, as told through the eyes of the guy who falls in love with her.

Wish me luck. I’ve never written a story told entirely from the guy’s perspective. Should be interesting!

I’m also using Scrivener to write this manuscript and so far I am really liking it, as far as outlining and research goes. I’ll write up a review for it once the month is over.

If you’re also participating in Camp Nanowrimo, comment below and let me know what your goal is and what your story is about. And good luck to all!

Curiosity is on Wattpad!

I have posted the first chapter of Curiosity on Wattpad!

This story is one of my favorite when it comes to cast of characters. Curiosity is random and sarcastic and has a heart of gold that sometimes gets her in trouble. Plus, she drives Mace up the wall with her antics! But he does his best to keep her focused…and alive, which is hard when she insists on poking her nose in everything. Then there’s Jack, the dangerously powerful warlock who helps no one for free and his best friend Tobias, who helps anyone and anything. Pink, the slave girl who trusts no one and Princess Anna who trusts everyone. Jack’s little sister Nicki who is just coming into her powers and Ryan, her best friend who currently thinks she’s a guy. And finally, Larah, the tortured sorceress who is willing to do horrendous things to stay alive.

Check out the story and let me know what you think! I’ll be updating it 1-2 times a week. Here’s a link to Wattpad!

And I promise, I will not continue to double post on both Bri Stox and Brewhaha!

Bri has a new site!

So after hours and hours and hours, my author site/blog is up and running! Sort of. I think. Head over there and check it out! And let me know if you have any suggestions. Seriously. Please. I have no idea what I’m doing.

Here’s the link! Bri Stox

Bri’s 2018

Long time no see! Sorry, been busy with both writing and baby goats!!


Meet no name. Her sisters are Dove and Pigeon, but haven’t decided on her name yet. I’m going with birds this year, so if you have a suggestion, let me know in the comments!

But this is a book/writing blog, so lets talk books and writing! Check out my to read shelf:


Yeah…I went a little crazy over Christmas with Amazon… I’m not sure where to start. Maybe Rook. I read one of her other books and absolutely loved it. Then again, maybe something smaller until I have more time, like The Princess Curse. So many to choose from! If you have any you want me to read and review first, let me know!!

Then there are my writing goals. Ya’ll ready for this? I’m not! First, I FINALLY finished the rough draft of Fey. If you don’t remember me talking about that one, no worries. It’s the one I was supposed to finish by September. Of 2016. Yeah. But it’s done! At 122,000 words. The thought of editing it makes me want to hide under the covers. But that’s for later this year, after I go to England in July.

Did I mention I’m going to England in July? For almost two weeks. CAN’T WAIT!! But I have a lot to do before then. Including, but not limited to:

  • Finish my novel in November, The Funeral Ghoul (due date: March 28th)
  • Finish my novel in November, Believing in Magic (due date: June 30th)
  • Put my novel Curiosity on Wattpad (start date: March 7)
  • Submit my 2016 Novel in November, Blue, to agents (start date: March 7)
  • Make an author site (due date: Feb 28)

A little overachieving, but I think I can do it! I’ll be making my author page at the very end of Feb (can we all say PROCRASTINATOR!!) and I’ll post a link on this page. I’ll be posting some short fiction every week. And I’m also hoping some of you will read Curiosity when I post it on Wattpad and give me some feedback.

Then, after London, I’ll come up with a new to do list. I’ll probably be working on Fey and trying to complete The Enchanted Trilogy. Then, of course, there is novel in November. Lots of writing to be done! Let me know in the comments your writing and reading goals for 2018.

This adventure is better when shared

Howdy, Friends!

It feels like such a long while since I’ve checked in with you lot, the lovely Brewhaha Book Café community. But don’t think I’ve forgotten you!

On the contrary, I’ve been dying to share my latest writing adventures with you. And on that note, I would like to invite you to visit me at my new author page,! You can find out what I’ve been up to in my blog, get the latest scoop on my book releases, and sign up for my VIP Readers’ Club to get my newsletter (with regular freebies;-))

Speaking of freebies, right now I’m giving away my time-travel mystery adventure, Katie Watson and the Painter’s Plotaudiobook. It’s worth $18, but it’s yours to download and listen to today!

In other news, if you’d like to join my Facebook group and keep up at that way, I’ll be sharing news & writing adventures there too! Here’s the latest update…

I’m so grateful for you Brewhaha bunch. You are where this journey started, and I look forward to our adventures in store together!


P.S. — Don’t forget to snatch up your FREE AUDIOBOOK while it’s available! Happy Listening!

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Book Review: The Stranger Game by Cylin Busby

Four years ago, Nico’s older sister, Sarah, disappeared without a trace. She was supposed to be meeting her boyfriend in the park but never made it, making Nico the last person to see her sister. After a long investigation and countless false leads, Nico thinks her sister is dead and has given up hope she is every coming back. And a part of Nico is glad to be free of Sarah’s daily cruelties.

Then they get a call. A girl in a children’s shelter claims her name is Sarah Morris. Nico and her parents fly to see her and make a visual identification. Sarah has finally been found. But amnesia coupled with malnutrition and abuse has changed her from the bright, good at everything, casually cruel girl Nico remembers to a kind, gentle girl.

Is this really Sarah? And if she is, what happened to her to change her so much?

This book was very good, a quick fast read. The relationships between all the characters was realistic and intriguing, especially between Nico and Sarah. The author keeps you guessing until the end, but the end was very satisfying!

Genre: Young Adult

Recommended Tea: Chocolate Chai


Big News: Book Launch + Giveaway!

Well, Friends, it’s really happening.

Katie Watson and the Painter’s Plot launches this Sunday,

December 10th! 

For those of you who haven’t heard, this is my debut MG novel, written last year during NaNo. Now, over a year later, it’s finally making its way out into the world with River Otter Books.

(You can find out more about the book on my website:

You will find the book on Amazon & in all good bookshops in both print and digital, and as a little bonus, I’ve included a link inside the book to download a free audiobook version. *(hint: look in the inside cover of the ebook!).

And speaking of FREE…

I’m so eager to share this story, I’ve decided to run a 5 DAY FREE PROMO!

That means from 10 – 15 December, you can download the ebook absolutely free.

**So, basically, that picture of the cosy Kindle-reader by the fire could be YOU this 10 December!** 😉

Now for the Contest. drum roll, please …

I’m giving away free signed copies of the book to 2 winners, announced on Dec. 11th. Here’s how to enter for a chance to win one:

  • Visit Amazon (in the site for whichever country you live) on 10 Dec. and download the FREE Kindle version of Katie Waston and the Painter’s Plot
  • Return to this post and leave a comment to say you’ve downloaded!

For a second entry:

  • Share this page on your own site, or post this banner (below) on Social Media
  • Return to this post and leave a comment to say you’ve shared

Need a little mystery this Christmas? Sherlock meets Shakespeare in...-2

I’m truly proud of this book, and I’d love to see it in the hands of folks like you — fellow readers, writers & tea-drinkers!

And of course, please leave me a review on Amazon after you’ve read it. I’d love to know what you thought!

Thank you for all the support, and GOOD LUCK!

Mez Blume


PS. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle. Amazon provides an e-reader download for your device.

PPS. If you’re a reviewer and interested in receiving an advance copy for review, please do get in touch!


NaNoWriMo is OVER!!!

And I did it!!! And it’s not even midnight yet. I’m so proud of myself (you know, for not writing the 50,000th word at 11:55). I completed 50,264 of The Funeral Ghoul and…well…21,590 of Believing in Magic. So not quite what I wanted to accomplish, but hey, I’ll take it! I’m hoping to complete them both before the end of the year.

I think one big difference this year from last year is that The Funeral Ghoul is actually moving along very well. There aren’t any huge plot changes needed (yet) and I know mostly where it’s headed (and as I warned Mez, it’s going to be heartbreaking) though the details are a little fuzzy. Can’t wait until I get there!

As for Believing in Magic, it’s harder for me simply because it’s not really moving. It will, I think, in a scene or two. The main problem is that I’m trying to convey how hard it would be for someone with social anxiety to be whisked of to a completely new world with new rules and new ways of doing things. Which means that I find myself describing how hard it is for her to find her new classroom by herself and how she hides in her room instead of having to face the horror of the mess hall…and so the story itself creeps by.

So there’s how my NaNoWriMo went! Let me know if you participated and how you did and what your plans are now! Happy December, everyone.

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