So just who are the Sippit Sisters of Brewhaha cafe?

Well for starters, we aren’t actually sisters and neither of us has the surname Sippit (if only!). But reality isn’t too far off the mark.

We are two Bosom Buddies of old who love pretty much all the same things: animals, adventures, awesome tree houses, NOT wearing shoes, watching all 6 hours of Pride & Prejudice over and over and over….ahem… And more to the point, we are self-professed hot tea drinking addicts! We believe tea is not only the elixir of life, but the magical potion that brings books to life and causes creative juices to gush when writing… Or at least it’s nice to have on hand when reading and writing, which are the Sippit Sisters’ other 2 most favourite things. Voila this blog!


What’ya brewhaha’n about?

A little secret about us: we don’t see much of each other… in fact, we live in different continents! So getting together for a cup of tea to share our latest must-read or get feedback on our work is not the most practical of ventures. Solution? We meet online, right here at Brewhaha! But this is no exclusive club– we invite you to jump in on the conversation! We hope Brewhaha becomes that cozy nook where you can always count on a friendly face and a spark of inspiration. After all, “Friendship is born at the moment when one man says to another ‘What? You too? I thought I was the only one!’” (C.S. Lewis). Basically, we hope the Brewhaha community connects you with kindred spirits to share the things you love and keep you going towards your own writing goals. Hey, that’s what friends are for!

And what’s more, when we do get together for our annual Adventure Writing Retreat (Coming this October!!!), you can hop aboard right here at Brewhaha! We’ll be dishing out the bounty: photos of newfound writing spots, songs, snippets of our own stuff…& for the not-so-faint-of-heart, we’ll even invite you to join us for this year’s writing challenge: Write a Novel in November (stay tuned for details!).

But before we get ahead of ourselves with all the tea and story madness to come…

An Interview with the Authors:  Bri Stox & Mez Blume

Where do you live and what do you do when you’re not writing books or blogging?

Bri: I live in warm, sunny Georgia in the US of A where ‘ya’ll’ is a word! I spend my not-writing-time as a slave to an ever-growing herd of spoiled dairy goats. And reading. And watching movies. And spending time with my crazy family. Life is good!

Mez: I grew up an Anglophile in America, dreaming of one day living in Jane Austen’s England. Low and behold, dreams come true! I now live in London (ok, not quite as it was in J.A.’s day) with my husband & our child: Hugo the Jack Russell Terrier. When I’m not writing, you can usually find me in a forest, heath or other green space somewhere with Hugo, running, climbing trees and imagining what it would be like to be one of my characters! When not embarked on some sort of adventure, I’m usually dreaming & scheming up the next one.

Favourite book?

Bri: Pride and Prejudice! I read it at least twice a year.

Mez: AAAAAH! Too hard (*hyperventilation)…. Ok, Pride & Prejudice, obvs., Lord of the Rings (all 3) & Chronicles of Narnia

Favourite author?

Bri: Dean Koontz. I buy his books the minute they come out, start reading them alone at my house, then end up finishing them at my parents house where there are people to save me from the scary book.

Mez: I have a recurring daydream of sitting down to tea with my top three favourite authors– Jane Austen, C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien– and hopefully absorbing some of their genius through osmosis.

Favourite tea?   

Mez (L) & Bri (R) taking tea at the Jane Austen Centre, Bath

 Bri: Tough one! Probably the Jane Austen tea I got from the Jane Austen Centre in Bath. So good!!

Mez: Tazo’s Joy tea. It comes out but once a year at Christmas time. I stock up so I’ve got some handy anytime I need a little cup of joy throughout the year.

If you could have one superpower…?

Bri: Just one??? Either telekinesis or the ability to talk to animals. Maybe then those crazy goats would listen to me.

Mez: I’ve always coveted Bri’s superpower: speed reading! Speed writing would be pretty handy as well!!

Favourite writing spot?

Bri: My office/library. Got all my notebooks, got my music, my computer. Just gotta ignore the wall of books behind me. Of course, a perfect spot would be on a beach with endless tea and chocolate and Mez there for me to bounce ideas off of!

Mez: Hampstead Heath (under the deodora cedars); Waterstones cafe in Hampstead; my parents’ back deck that looks out over the creek & forest — that’s the spot where Bri & I meet to drink tea & co-edit whenever I’m in the States.

What genre do you most like to write?

Bri: Young adult fantasy and science fiction, with the odd middle grade now and then. And by fantasy, I mean once upon a time fantasy in entirely new worlds where I make all the rules (insert evil laugh here).

Mez: My brain functions on par with anyone between the ages of 3 & 13, so that’s who I write for. I enjoy writing silly picture books, books for beginner readers & most especially, middle grade fantasy & historical fiction. All the best books fall into those categories, after all.

Working on anything at the moment?

Bri: Yup! Second in a trilogy. Pink is about a runaway slave who thought she finally had a home, only to get herself enchanted into a bird. Now she and her new friends have to get her un-spelled before a second spell takes hold, sending her back into a life of slavery. The end of the rough draft is in sight!!

Mez: You bet! At this very moment, I’m finishing up the first book of my Penumbria series for middle grade readers. It’s the epic adventure of a 13-yr-old girl who suddenly finds herself wrenched from home & family & discovers she’s part of hidden kingdom (Penumbria) that’s under threat of extinction. I’m on the edge of my seat just writing these last chapters!

What’s your wildest dream?

Bri: Besides someone inventing teleportation so Mez and I can have weekly in person tea times? Probably to be published. Make that definitely. Definitely to be published.

Mez: Being a true blue professional author! Wild, right? But hey, as I mentioned earlier, it wouldn’t be the first dream of mine to come true 😉 Oh, & I’d also like to live in a tree house in the forest, but my husband is not so sure that’s the most practical way of life…

And finally and most critically, if you could have a mythical beast for a pet, which one would you go for?

Bri: No question about that! A dragon!! The kind you can get on and launch into the sky with, preferably able to talk. And black. Breathes fire. His name is NightWing. Sigh…I was born into the wrong world…

Mez: Well I must let the cat out of the bag here & say, I already have a mythical beast: The aforementioned Hugo the Jack Russell! He is in essence a dragon, and a very cuddly one at that!