I have posted the first chapter of Curiosity on Wattpad!

This story is one of my favorite when it comes to cast of characters. Curiosity is random and sarcastic and has a heart of gold that sometimes gets her in trouble. Plus, she drives Mace up the wall with her antics! But he does his best to keep her focused…and alive, which is hard when she insists on poking her nose in everything. Then there’s Jack, the dangerously powerful warlock who helps no one for free and his best friend Tobias, who helps anyone and anything. Pink, the slave girl who trusts no one and Princess Anna who trusts everyone. Jack’s little sister Nicki who is just coming into her powers and Ryan, her best friend who currently thinks she’s a guy. And finally, Larah, the tortured sorceress who is willing to do horrendous things to stay alive.

Check out the story and let me know what you think! I’ll be updating it 1-2 times a week. Here’s a link to Wattpad!

And I promise, I will not continue to double post on both Bri Stox and Brewhaha!