Long time no see! Sorry, been busy with both writing and baby goats!!


Meet no name. Her sisters are Dove and Pigeon, but haven’t decided on her name yet. I’m going with birds this year, so if you have a suggestion, let me know in the comments!

But this is a book/writing blog, so lets talk books and writing! Check out my to read shelf:


Yeah…I went a little crazy over Christmas with Amazon… I’m not sure where to start. Maybe Rook. I read one of her other books and absolutely loved it. Then again, maybe something smaller until I have more time, like The Princess Curse. So many to choose from! If you have any you want me to read and review first, let me know!!

Then there are my writing goals. Ya’ll ready for this? I’m not! First, I FINALLY finished the rough draft of Fey. If you don’t remember me talking about that one, no worries. It’s the one I was supposed to finish by September. Of 2016. Yeah. But it’s done! At 122,000 words. The thought of editing it makes me want to hide under the covers. But that’s for later this year, after I go to England in July.

Did I mention I’m going to England in July? For almost two weeks. CAN’T WAIT!! But I have a lot to do before then. Including, but not limited to:

  • Finish my novel in November, The Funeral Ghoul (due date: March 28th)
  • Finish my novel in November, Believing in Magic (due date: June 30th)
  • Put my novel Curiosity on Wattpad (start date: March 7)
  • Submit my 2016 Novel in November, Blue, to agents (start date: March 7)
  • Make an author site (due date: Feb 28)

A little overachieving, but I think I can do it! I’ll be making my author page at the very end of Feb (can we all say PROCRASTINATOR!!) and I’ll post a link on this page. I’ll be posting some short fiction every week. And I’m also hoping some of you will read Curiosity when I post it on Wattpad and give me some feedback.

Then, after London, I’ll come up with a new to do list. I’ll probably be working on Fey and trying to complete The Enchanted Trilogy. Then, of course, there is novel in November. Lots of writing to be done! Let me know in the comments your writing and reading goals for 2018.