I had a crisis yesterday (31 October). I’m probably not the only one — maybe some of you went into melt-down mode when faced with the knowledge that NaNo was but one day away!
But my crisis wasn’t caused by dread or fear of NaNoWriMo. In fact, I’ve been almost like a kid waiting for Christmas these past months, I’ve so been looking forward to spinning a fresh yarn alongside tens of thousands of my fellow story-spinners!
Then my plans went a little topsy-turvy … for a good cause! I have the opportunity to publish last year’s NaNo novel in December. But to make it happen, I have at last admitted to my more ambitious slightly insane self who forgets about the need to sleep, I will need to WORK HARD all November, editing, finalising cover design choice, formatting and marketing. So while I shed a tear for my lost NaNo novel, I do nevertheless have a writing goal this month, AND it’s an exciting one. So — to make it official– for my Novel in November, I will be launching my next novel! Lots more juicy details about my journey to publication to come!