So Mez discovered a new blog/ website and shared it with me, and I am in love. It’s called Prolifiko and it’s a site dedicated to helping writers meet their goals and finish projects.


That is where I have a hard time. Come up with a story idea? I got dozens. Starting the draft? No problem, my fingers itch to type/write it down. Plotting it out and fashioning characters? Love it. Actually finishing? Yeah…my current project is eight years old.


What is wrong with me?!

But this cool new blog has tips to help writers be more productive and to develop regular writing habits. They also have a five day writing challenge and I’ve signed up for it as of today. I’m telling all of you so I’m more accountable. My goal: finish rough editing the 45,000 words I wrote last year of my manuscript Fey.  So, um, this is the story I was supposed to finish last October. I’m hanging my head in shame. But I’m once again attempting to finish!

So check out Prolifiko here and let us know what you think of it!