So my favorite, all time, hands down favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. Classic, romance, literary. But my favorite author?

Dean Koontz.

In case you haven’t heard of him (I pity you) Dean Koontz writes science fiction thrillers (or just thrillers). When I read his books, I usually start at my own house and end up at my parents because I’m so scared! His books are incredible. I’ve read almost everything he’s written (over 60 books) and I love every one of them. I know when I get his newly published books, which I buy the day they come out of course, I know it’s going to be a great book.

Being a writer, I can’t just say I love his books, I have to figure out why I like them. So here’s why!

The Characters

His characters, from the protagonist, to the antagonist, to the most minor of characters, are all fascinating and distinct. His bad guys range from a sentient computer imprisoning a woman in her own home to power hungry men and women to a man’s own mind turned against him. Not to mention killer clowns, killer Nazis, and killer monsters. They are terrifying but written so well, also incredibly realistic. I never want to meet any of them.

But even better than the bad guys are the good ones. There’s the woman determined to save a girl based only on seeing her picture, the genius dog (literally), and the man who sees dead people. What I love about them all as a whole is their determination to do the right thing, usually for no other reason than that it is the right thing. You can’t help but root for them!

The Endings

I love happy endings and I want my favorite characters to survive the book, and, as a rule, Dean Koontz delivers. Not all of them, but the vast majority. Though his books are scary and violent, I know they are going to make it. It may not be a perfect ending, but it will be a satisfying one with all characters happy, or at least in a better place than they were. Except for The Bad Place. Didn’t see that coming.

The Scares

As long as I’m in a lit room with people, I like being scared. I watch scary movies when I fly because I’m surrounded my people! And Dean Koontz’s books can be terrifying. Is there anything scarier than people being evil for the sake of being evil? Probably a thing of relentless hunger and no empathy. Not only his characters are scary, but the way he writes makes it even more terrifying. So much fun!

The Laughs

Pretty self-explanatory, but it has to be a gift to write books that are both terrifying and hilarious!

The Dogs

Dean Koontz obviously loves dogs and they often show up as wonderful supporting characters in his books. Need I say more?

Now I want to reread some of them. Here are my favorites!

Relentless – A man, his wife, their genius son, and rather strange dog are on the run from a powerful organization. This is one of the funniest books he’s written!

Watchers – Einstein is a dog as smart as a person being hunted by a sadistic monster. This one is so heartwarming and Einstein is perfect.

Life Expectancy – The day he was born, Jimmy’s grandfather predicted five horrible days to occur in his life. And that’s also the day his troubles with a killer clown started. This book has one of the best first sentences ever written!

77 Shadow Street – The Pendleton is a large house converted into apartments with a strange, terrifying history and something strange is happening there again, something evil. This book terrified me!

 Of course there is also Lightning, Phantoms, The Good Guy, Cold Fire, By the Light of the Moon, and Tick Tock. I think I might reread Tick Tock tomorrow…or By the Light of the Moon.


Who is your favorite author? Did they write your favorite book? Why do you like them and what book what would you recommend as a first time read trying out that author? Let us know in the comments!