Alright, who’s been messing with my calendar… and apple clock… and Greenwich Mean Time? It can’t really have been two weeks since my last NaNo update, can it? This is all one big April Fools conspiracy…

… or not.

If you haven’t guessed from my stalling tactics, things have not progressed massively from my last NaNo update. In fact, here’s exactly what my progress looks like (no shame… *gulp):

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 12.20.38

This month of April has remained impossible to pin down for writing purposes. But I’m still not totally despondent about it. Why? Because there are some big positives to mention from the past two weeks:

  1. I’ve gone from 0 words to 7,350. That’s actually a fairly good chunk out of my goal of a meagre 25,000 words, and technically, finishing is still doable by the end of the month. But I’ve just about nearly come to the conclusion that using the remaining days to carefully plot out my novel so it’s spiffingly ready for May will ultimately prove more beneficial than just hashing out words now… though I’m still tempted.
  2. I’m going where I’ve never gone before as a writer & making a scene-by-scene SPREADSHEET!!!! I never thought the day would come! But I must say, throwing my tangled thoughts into a table to sort out is much easier than trying to rearrange them into some sort of order in my head, or even on multiple sheets of paper. So I’m trying it. Stay tuned for conclusions to this experiment.
  3. I got to meet up for a juice with THE Abi Elphinstone (authour of the Dreamsnatcher series). She was brilliantly encouraging, inspiring & just down right nice, & I came away from our meet-up with renewed determination to keep pressing forward with this crazy dream of mine. **If you are American or otherwise not British & are not yet familiar with Abi’s books, look her up here: & get ahold of them by any means possible (except piracy!)

So lots to be thankful for this month, even if things haven’t gone all to plan. And I’m still loving my baby dragon of a story as it grows, little by little each day. Now it’s back to plugging away into my spreadsheet! Any tips? I’d love to hear them!


Are you participating in Camp NaNo?
Good bits, hard bits? Any little victories along the way?