We promised one of our winning Fairytale retellings each Monday of April, and the other two are on their way (just getting a few last-minute tweaks to their gorgeous illustrations!).

But we are interrupting our schedule due to popular demand for MORE FAIRY TALE POSTS!!! Lots of you have asked us to extend fairy tale month one month longer because you just can’t get enough fun facts about your favourite tales.

Well you’re in luck! Rather than reinventing the wheel ourselves, we would like to direct you fairy tale enthusiasts to our favourite Youtube Vlog channel for all things fairy tales, from origins to modern retellings and inspired artwork.

So if you’re hungry for more from the World of Faerie, check out Jen Campbell’s Fairy Tale Videos for hours of fun! (and we mean hours! Caveat: Do NOT go on this channel if you’ve got an impending deadline!!)

Hope you enjoy! Keep the requests coming, and stay tuned for our next two winners of the Fairy Tale Retelling Competition… coming soon!