There are some people in life who are disciplined, focused, and driven. My mom is one of them. I call her an energizer bunny because she has so much energy and manages to get so much done!

I am not one of those people. I’m a bit lazy, I get bored with long term projects, and I have no self-discipline.

Where am I going with this? I am missing my newest deadline. Again. This is the third time. I have still not finished editing Blue! Worse, I am so ready to move onto my next project, which is finishing my first draft of Fey. After that, finishing the first draft of Pink. And after that, finishing a trilogy I started years ago.

Why am I like this???

I know I have a hard time finishing things, so I am very reluctant to leave Blue where it is, but I’m getting bored with it so I’m not getting much done at all. Not good.

Anyways, I’m starting to ramble, so let’s get to where I’m going. Two things have become apparent to me.


First, I have to finish.

I cannot use the excuse of my admittedly lazy and unfocused personality to keep writing half-finished manuscripts. I have to finish Blue and then finish all the other partial manuscripts I have floating around. That is my goal for this year, to wrap things up.

If you are like me, kill the excuses. If we want to be writers, we have to complete things, even when we get bored or the writing gets difficult, to say the least. Can’t publish unfinished manuscripts!

Second, it’s okay to miss some self-imposed deadlines.

I’m ticked off at myself for missing yet another deadline, but I also have to be realistic. I’ve been busy. It’s kidding season here which means dozens of baby goats to play with, but a lot less writing time!

So I, and any of you who are in the same boat, have to give ourselves a break. If I’m too focused on the fact I once again failed to meet a deadline, it isn’t going to help me make a new one. So I have to let it go (cue the song!) and move forward.

For me, I think that means doing some multitasking. Working on both Blue and Fey at the same time, so I get Blue done, but I can work on something new to keep my focus. Honestly, it will be a relief to let go of the deadline and take it slower. And I get to work on something new, finally!


Unfortunately, now I’m off to my second job, which is not writing. Have a good day everyone and happy writing!