I’m always grateful to my fellow bloggers who take the time to give a little shout-out to the blogs that inspire them. I’ve found some real treasures thanks to their recommendations that I might otherwise have stumbled right over without ever being the wiser!

So I’d like to return the favour with my own shout-outs. And what better time than this, during our February “Bookish Things We Love” month? So, without further ado, here are a few Blogs (& one vlog) that I think really are Top Card. Hope you won’t take my word for it, though! Give them a little visit … you might just find a new favourite of your own!

  • Moontrug: mad about children’s books I’ve mentioned Abi Elphinstone a number of times on this blog because her enthusiasm for all-things children’s lit is absolute dynamite. I came across her blog, Moontrug, ages ago, and it certainly had a part in inspiring the creation of Brewhaha Book Café. Though Abi has since become a published author in very high demand & hence doesn’t get to add much to the blog these days (because she’s busy writing books!), there are troves of goodies on the site, from author interviews to writing games & tips, to just fun & fascinating facts! It’s a great stop-over for kids of every age!
  • Story Warren: Allies in Imagination Started up by S.D. Smith (author of the epic bunny adventure Green Ember series), this site is all about fostering the Beauty, Meaning & Purpose of Good Story. So naturally, I love it! There are a number of regular contributors from authors to parents, and the blog topics are always thought-provoking, uplifting & inspiring to go out & create something great that reflects the greatness of God, the ultimate Creator, Author & Champion of the Happy Ending. Good stuff.
  • Pages that Rustle This blog by the lovely Nandini is full of goodies for writers who want to know they are not alone on the journey. Nandini’s reflections of her writing journey are so honest & helpful. Plus her snippets of writing are brilliant. If you haven’t checked out her page “Vocab Wednesdays,” it’s a must for all word nerds!
  • Pages Unbound I owe a huge debt of gratitude to this blog for all the wonderful tips & resources for beginner bloggers. When the world of blogging was still unfamiliar & slightly terrifying territory, Briana & Krysta were the voices of calm, collected How-To advice. Thanks, ladies! Besides blogger tips, though, I love the literary scope of this blog. The blog topics are always insightful, the book reviews top-notch, and they host loads of fun events for readers of all sorts – from Jane Austen & Tolkien to Harry Potter & modern YA. Go check ’em out!
  • A Writer’s Faith Katie Grace is an all ’round creative soul with a great sense of humour & real gift for inspiring/ encouraging her follow aspiring authors. Her blog is just beautiful, & I believe she takes & makes all her own images (wow!). But the content is just as lovely as the wrapping. Katie Grace keeps it real about her own struggles & triumphs as a teen writer. I’ve not been a teen for a while, granted… but I still feel I have a lot to learn from her go-get-’em attitude!
  • Writing About Writing for Children (Her Dark Materials: notes from the world of children’s books) When it comes to getting solid writing advice, this site is one of my go-to’s. Stephanie Thwaites is a literary agent for Curtis Brown & represents the likes of Eva Ibbotson, among other greats, so the lady knows her stuff! She’s got insight into the market, and of course knows first-hand what agent’s look for in a submission. Gold dust if you’re aspiring to hook an agent & get published!
  • Jen Campbell’s Youtube Vlog From the author of The Bookshop Book, this vlog is pretty delightful & covers a lot more terrain than your typical monthly Book Haul. Jen shares gives the scoop on her life as an author & figure in the Realm of Book. She does seem to know an awful lot of interesting tidbits about all kinds of literature, (including fairy tales). And what’s more, her pet tortoise makes occasional cameos! Good value for time spent on Youtube.


The astute among you may have noted that my list only amounts to seven blogs/vlogs. What sort of number is that for a list? Well why not seven? But if the number offends you & you’d prefer a nice, round ten, then I am copping out with this invitation: 

Know of a Blog you think all readers/writers/tea drinkers should love as much as you do?
Leave your Blog/ Vlog recommedendations in the comments below!