Last week, Mez posted about why she fell in love with writing, and now it’s my turn.

For me, it’s really quite simple. I love stories. I mean, I LOVE STORIES. Movies, novels, short stories, I’m crazy about them, especially if they have an element of fantasy. I can read/watch my favorite books and movies over and over and the story will pull me in each time. I love that feeling of slipping fully into a good story, until it’s all that exists.

Writing does the same thing for me, except I get the fun of controlling the story. It’s so much fun creating characters and unleashing them into a world I dreamed up. They can go on the adventures I can’t, from riding dragons to saving a world through magic. And, of course, I can end those adventures exactly the way I want, which is usually happily.


I also love the satisfaction of a well finished book, whether one of mine or a published one. That feeling of ‘that couldn’t be any better.’ I can leave the characters in their ‘happily ever after’ place, leaving me with a great feeling! There are no unknowns, their story is completed, and I can believe they have great lives after whatever harrowing experience they went through to make an awesome book.

And there you have it, why I spend an enormous number of hours reading and writing! It’s pretty simple when you get down to it. I love good stories.