You know that feeling that gets under your skin & keeps you up at night? It draws your thoughts away throughout the day & makes your heart beat a little faster, & you just CAN’T WAIT to get home to your desk to spend a whole evening, just you and your wonderful, brilliant, one-of-a-kind Story?

Diagnosis? Writing love.

Once you’ve fallen head over heels for writing, there’s no recovery, and the more you write, the more you feel you must write! Such is the power of the writing bug once it’s bitten.

So here are 5 little reason I have fallen in love with writing. I hope you’ll add your own to the list in the comments!

I love writing because…

1. It’s the ultimate game of make-believe. It allows me to slip into someone else’s skin & point of view, to travel in time & space & visit new worlds, or create my own! Writing, when you’re in the thick of it, is like imagination in virtual reality.

2. It gives me an excuse to become an “expert” in whatever I’m interested in. I LOVE the research side of every writing project. What other job or hobby makes it necessary for you to read up on folklore, or your favourite era of history, or Norwegian Christmas traditions? And sometimes it even means taking a research TRIP like I’m doing next week to get up-close-&-personal with your subject matter. (Wanna know where I’m going? It’s top secret … but if you ask me in the comments, I might accidentally let it leak…)

3. It’s so satisfying to paint with words. Like all forms of art, at fist, word-smithing feels clunky and derivative. But wonderfully like all art, the more you practice, the more you develop your own style. I bet Michelangelo had a break-through moment when he stood back from a sculpture and said, “Hey, I’m pretty good!” Likewise, at some magic moment, you read back a page you’ve written, & what you hear is your very own “voice”, your own unique style fully-fledged. I’m not there yet, but I still love the satisfaction of finding just the right word.


4. It’s doing what we were made to do: create! I absolutely love the magic of building worlds and crafting characters that didn’t exist before. It really is like having a super-power! And after all, it’s what makes us human. We were created to create… to share the joy of creating with our Creator! It’s a wonderful skill to inherit. Why waste it?

5. Story = a vehicle for understanding Truth. This is perhaps the aspect of writing that drives me onward more than any other. I think back on books that have shaped me & provided me with lenses through which to see and make sense of the world… books that pointed to an objective Truth and Beauty, but that laid it out in a way that I could relate to, feel, experience, through Story. Stories are powerful tools. My prayer is that every story I write would not only entertain, but give my readers a nugget of Hope to keep in their pockets long after they’ve re-shelved the book.


Have you been bitten by the writing bug?
What do you love most about writing?