Hey there, folks!

This month, we are milking the “Love theme” at Brewhaha Book Café. In case you missed it, earlier this week Bri  brought you a list of her top 10 favourite YA romances  (and that’s really narrowing it down… she read A LOT of YA romances! I’ve seen her bookshelves. I can tell you.).

I didn’t contribute to that particular list because (don’t hate me!) I’m more of a Middle Grade kinda girl, though I can’t get enough of Bri’s YA romances, sure to top many lists in the future once they’re published!

But today, being Wednesday, we want to hand you the mic and ask:

What’s your favourite book about love?

And feel free to think outside the box. Love extends beyond romance, right? It could be a book about friendship, sibling love, parent-child love. Or it could just be a soppy old lovely romance. You choose!


We look forward to hearing about your lovey-dovey book faves in the comments below!