House of Dark Shadows by Robert Liparulo (Dreamhouse Kings #1)

Review by: literary horse whisperer/ artist, Alexandra Thaxton

Book Review: Xander King and his family move to a dilapidated old house in the woods, in a boring little town. But if you think you’ve heard this story before, you would be sorely mistaken. House of Dark Shadows is the first of six books in the “Dreamhouse Kings” series by Robert Liparulo. As much as Xander originally hates the house they move into, he learns that it has its own opinions about him as well. Down a long hallway upstairs, there are several doors on each side. What lies behind these doors is a mystery, and is only revealed each time the door is opened. The rooms shift, the lights flicker…and there are monsters!

I was given this series by the librarian at the high school that I attended, because she decided these books were “too dark and scary” to live in the school library. While they are technically written for young adults, there were certainly some suspenseful (and yes, sometimes scary) moments, which only made me love them even more. The most intriguing thing to me about this series, though, is the concept of being able to walk through any door and appear in another place altogether—the very same reason that I was drawn into The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe many, many years ago…and several times since—ADVENTURE AWAITS.

Genre: YA thriller

About Alex: While it unfortunately takes me FOREVER and a day to read a book (unless I’m on vacation), I never outgrew my love for books! I grew up and went to school with the Sippit Sisters, and graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Art Education…and now I teach beginner horseback riding lessons. Traveling is my favorite thing to do, which is probably why I’ve always loved to read–books are the cheapest way to travel!