As we’re on the hot topic of submissions, here are some top tips from the horse’s mouth… and I mean that in the complementary way (I’m a big fan of horses). UK literary agent Stephanie Thwaites (Curtis Brown) lets us in on exactly what she longs for in a submission packet. Read, absorb & submit thusly!

Writing about Writing for Children


It’s about time I wrote something about submissions and since I have read more than eighty this week, and thousands over the last ten years, it’s a subject about which I know a little and can talk a lot, (for evidence of this see my earlier post on searching for new writers).

In September last year Curtis Brown launched a brand spanking new online submissions site finally replacing the postal submissions system which was old fashioned, inefficient and, at times, pretty creepy.  We used to meet in the boardroom once a week and wade through piles and piles of submissions – negotiating our way through all sorts of strange folders, perfumed paper, “gifts” (bribes), in the form of mugs, teddy bears, sweets, photographs, dollar bills (a personal favourite), and even a visit from the police (don’t ask…).  Before my time Vivienne Schuster was even sent a dead rat by…

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