Sophie is a normal girl except she is unable to dream. Ever. To make matters worse, her parents collect, distill, and sell dreams, so Sophie is surrounded by beakers of fantastic dreams, beckoning to her. Her parents give her two rules when it comes to the dreams: she is to stay in her room when dream buyers come, and she is to never, ever, drink a dream.

She breaks the second rule when she is six years old, plunging into someone’s nightmare about a furry tentacled monster. Sophie makes friends with the monster in the dream, but when she wakes up, she finds she has brought the monster into the real world.

The breaking of the second rule resulted in Sophie gaining a best friend and learning of a fascinating but terrifying power. But the breaking of the second rule six years later turns her life upside down. Her parents disappear, the shop is destroyed, and kids start to vanish. Now Sophie, Monster, two kids who may or may not be her friends, and a herd of ninja bunnies have to unravel a mystery, save some lives, and stop nightmares from becoming real.

I truly loved this book; it was a lot of fun. Sophie and Monster make a great team and they have a lot of support from an engaging cast of humans and non-humans. it had some twists, it pulled out some tears, and had me reading the ending several times because it was so perfect.

Slight word of caution to the younger end of middle grade readers: there are some mildly disturbing scenes in the book. Nothing over the top, but it does get a little intense.

Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy

Tea: Sleepytime Vanilla