We’ve asked about your favourite winter, Christmas-time reads. But of course this is a writers’ café, so naturally we want to know what it is you sip on whilst enjoying those snowy, wintery adventures.

Here are a just a few of our favourite warmer-uppers to have on hand whilst snuggling up with our favourite books or watching those Christmas classics…or revising our Novels from November…


If you haven’t sorted it out, one of us (who isn’t Mez) is just a bit of a chocoholic. Bri is a tea junky most of the year ’round, but whenever we have our skype catch-ups during the winter months, she’s guarunteed to have either a chai latte or a giant-sized mug of hot chocolate on the go.

During our Writing Retreat in Lyme Regis last September (can you believe it’s already been 3 months?!), Bri hit the jackpot when she came across a tea shop selling these jars of chilli hot chocolate for a meagre £5! I’m just impressed she has any left! She must be saving that for a very special Christmas read… or maybe as a reward for finishing her second draft!

Also, I just love Bri’s fox cookie jar! Who wouldn’t want to stick your hand in that?

Mez’s winter drink stash – those birchwood mugs were purchased at a Sami husky-breeding camp in Trømso, Norway (the Arctic Circle!). Winter drinks definitely taste best in those!

For me, sipping on something hot, spiced, chocolatey or mulled is definitely part of the winter reading experience. And I’ve got quite a few favourites to choose from, depending on the story of course!

For winter fairy stories like The Nutcracker or Twelve Dancing Princesses, I go for a wintery tea. My favourites are Bigelow’s Eggnog and Constant Comment, Twining’s Winter Spice and, my all time favourite tea which only comes out at Christmas time: Tazo JOY! Sadly, Tazo doesn’t distribute to the UK, but my dear friend (& our fellow tea oficionada) Katherine always snags a box or two for me to keep my supplies up. It really is Joy in a cup!

Here in London, it’s dark by 3.30pm this time of year. Then you really need something warm & bracing. That’s when I rely on a classic mug of dark hot coco with marshmallows & just a pinch of cinnamon. I also love Nespresso’s yummy Christmas blends that actually taste like Swiss desserts! 

So now you know what the Sippit Sisters are sipping throughout the festive days. Let us know what you’re mulling, mixing or topping with marshmallows this December!

Happy sipping, slurping & savouring!