Another summer on Castle Key Island means another mystery for Emily Wild and her friends, brothers Jack and Scott, to solve. This time, a school boy goes missing from camp and a suspicious group of mafia-like foreign agents come to stay at the Lighthouse for a supposed “fishing trip”. Nothing is quite as it seems, including the missing boy’s identity. With her keen detective skills, her friends’ help and her loyal dog Drift by her side, Emily & Co. find themselves in the thick of a royal ransom. The stakes are high, and so is the likelihood of real and serious danger.

This 11th book in Helen Moss’s Adventure Island series delivers all the goods avid readers of her books hope for. Like a modern day Famous Five, the Adventure Island books make great holiday reads for those looking for something light and a bit corny, but with a twist of mystery to keep you on the edge or your seat. There is never a dull moment for the Castle Key crew of characters.

Genre: Middle Grade adventure

Tea: Coconut