Well it’s the 28th of November (nearly the 29th where I sit in London!!!). For those of you, our comrades in Novel in November, still pressing on towards the finish line, I say


And for those super-heroes among you who have ALREADY FINISHED your 50,ooo… I feel no envy, only respect for you. If I were wearing a hat, I’d take it off to you right now. You inspire us all with the reminder that the impossible can be done!

But for all of us, this is not the end!

Novel in November or NaNoWriMo is just the launching phase of your journey (to borrow NaNo’s space theme for the year). And isn’t a heck of a launch! You’re part of a world-wide writing community who shares your hopes and struggles. The buzz and camaraderie of thousands of other writers out there eggs you onward…

And then you wake up on December 1st. You scratch your head, look at the long hours of the day stretching vacant out in front of you, and you ask, “Now what?”

Well first things first, you’re gonna celebrate, right? In fact, if you’ve not yet pinned down a brilliant reward for your job-well-done, then think about it (hey, there’s always that free minute to day-dream in the loo…I’m just sayin’).

And then, once the party has piped down, it’s time to think about your baby… that is, the novel you’ve just brought into existence. The thing is born. Now it needs nurturing, aka. REVISING!

Did that word make you want to fling the computer from your hands and run screaming into the night? That’s the effect it seems to have on many of us creative sorts. We enjoy creating. What we do not enjoy is critiquing, assessing, re-jigging, etc.. And the main problem we have is this BIG, frightening question of “Where do I start?”

That brings me to the Heads-up part of this post…

The revision phase of your novel need not be daunted, and it need not be lonely. We will be spending the month of December talking about how to revise – where to begin, and the step-by-step process thereafter. Because after all, we’ll be in the boat with you, and I can promise you, our manuscripts are going to need some major revision!

So think of it as something to look forward to. You’ve devoted so much to this novel. It deserves to be nurtured into the best story it can be! And then who knows, maybe it’ll be ready to meet the world!

So keep up that good work, friends…We’ll see you in December!


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