When Emily Vole’s adopted mother finally has triplets of her own, Emily’s life goes from bad – being an orphan adopted by two witless, disinterested parents – to worse – being demoted from unloved adopted child to unpaid servant (aka. slave!). Thankfully, Emily is rescued from complete misery by eccentric neighbours, Miss String and her cat Fidget who is human-sized and speaks English with a distinct twinge of cheek. Miss String and Fidget educate Emily in all subjects, and most important in the history of Faerie.

Emily is happy for the first time until a bizarre set of keys select her for their new Keeper, tragedy strikes and a vengeful witch turns up on the hunt for the magic keys. Now Emily is in over her head and must rely on her friends in the World of Faerie if she is save the faeries from destruction at the hands of Harpella the witch who ruthlessly turns anyone in her way into a pink or purple bunny!

This adventure is only the first for Emily Vole and her faerie detective team, Wings & Co.. Sally Gardner is a master of writing folklore with a modern twists. Operation Bunny is full of whimsy and bizarre characters, and rings of Roald Dahl as a fantastical tale with a good deal of heart.

Genre: Middle Grade fantasy/ detective

Tea: Rose hip