Confession time: I’m still behind. After a disappointing writing day which ended up being an everything-else day, I’m clocking in at only 21,116.

My weekend is gone before it begins, and then next week is the Thanksgiving rush, BUT I’m still holding out hope. With a double dose of discipline and a bit of strategy, I might just be able to pull this thing out!

Stay tuned…


this is totally how i feel – bri


Almost twinsies! I’m at 21,437, below what it should be, but I am managing not to let the gap widen too terribly much. I just finished writing, and it was rough. I kept putting in my word count to the NaNoWriMo site, using it to see how many words I’ve written for the day.

First time I put it in?


Okay, keep going. Almost there.


So close. Can’t I stop? Then I remember I have to admit my word count to all of you. Push on?

Finish at 1,776 for the day.

So I thank all of you for being there and forcing me to keep writing. Hopefully the unseen but fully felt peer pressure of admitting my word count to the world (at least the part of the world that reads this) will get me moving faster to that 50k goal.

13 Days Left!!


Let’s all make them count! It will be hard, but I believe in all of us! Just keep writing, no matter if you think it is rubbish, no matter how far behind you fall, no matter how many ways you try to convince yourself to give up. DON’T LISTEN TO YOURSELF!

Unless your self is telling you to write. Then listen.

Enough of that craziness. Depending on when you read this, either good night or happy writing!