By Melissa Landers

Solara Brooks needs a ride on the last spaceship to the outer planets, but with no money, her only hope is for someone to take her on as an indentured servant for the trip. The last person she expected to hire her was her rich, spoiled, bully of a classmate, Doran Spaulding. Desperate, she accepts, knowStarflight.jpging he was going to make her life miserable. But when he tries to ditch her halfway through the trip, Solara takes matters into her own hands, stealing his credit and convincing the crew of the Banshee, their new ride, that Doran is the servant.

Forced into close confines, Solara and Doran slowly become friends with each other and with the eccentric crew of the Banshee. When Doran is framed for conspiracy, suddenly both he and Solara find themselves in the same spot: broke and on the run. Trusting only each other and dependent on the Banshee crew, Solara and Doran fight to survive, whether it’s pirates or police or possibly even a traitor among the crew.

Starflight is a fantastic sci-fi romance, a mix of Firefly and Academy 7. Be warned however, while the ending is great and it is a standalone book, there is the possibility of a sequel.

Genre:Young Adult, Science Fiction

Recommended Tea: Spice Chai