Day 11 did you say? Alright, very funny. Who stole the other days in November? I swear it was October two days ago!

The calendars beg to differ, and yet I’m not despairing! My word count today is 10,789. Sure, well below the target, but for once I’m refusing to kick myself. This November has been about learning to roll with unexpected punches, and I’ve had a couple (namely some seriously yucky flu bug!). The usual All-or-Nothing mentality in me would tell me to give up now. After all, I’ll probably hit more glitches in the days remaining. If I can’t catch up, why bother trying?


I’m pressing on, setting daily goals and celebrating little victories. And you know what? With that attitude, I’ve already decreased by catch up rate by half! So who knows, I may make it by 30 November yet. But even if I don’t, I will be much closer to finishing my book then I would be if I just gave up now.

So all you All-or-Nothing folks out there, take it from me: One of the greatest victories you can take home from this Novel in November is to become a Do-your-Bester… oh you know what I mean!



I also cannot believe the date! Do you realize we are over a third done?!

My word count is almost the same as Mez’s: 10,895. Well below the 18k it is supposed to be, but my goal is just to not fall any more behind. If I finish November with 40k words, it still be a huge improvement than over a blank page.

That said, I really really want to have 50k by the end!

And, yay, my story is moving again! I feel as if it’s been dragging its feet; NOTHING IS HAPPENING! Hopefully that is just in my head. Still, I’m 10k words in and not even a tenth of the way through all that’s supposed to happen. We’ll see how it goes!

So if you are behind, join the club! And keep writing. Don’t give up!

And if you are on target, good for you!

Please share your secret.


Begging you.

Well, I suppose since I am a procrastinator, any secret probably wouldn’t help me. This is hard, but a lot of fun. I’ve never seen my word count go up so fast. And I’m not even on target!

Anyway, 19 days left! Good luck everyone and keep up the good work!