How is everyone doing? Four days into Novel in November, 26 days left. I have to confess, I did no writing at all on Day 2, but I managed to catch up! I’m up to 6,630 words, just a little under the goal.

I’ll admit, it’s harder than I thought it would be, and we are only on day four. I’ve managed to keep up, but falling behind is a real possibility. And wow, not going back to fix things is hard. I really really want to! There is one section where my main character, Blue, who isn’t shy at all, suddenly turned shy for no reason. I want to fix it, but that wouldn’t add to my word count, and that’s all that matters. I also want to agonize over how Diego, my second main character, is extremely one dimensional. I keep telling myself to let it go for now.


So let us know how you are doing! Have you written every day? What are you struggling with?

Don’t forget, if you miss a day or don’t hit your goal, don’t give up! Anything is better than nothing, even if you think it’s no good or not enough.

Write on and sorry if ‘Let It Go’ is now stuck in your head! Not really…I love that song…