First of all, I love the top image…looks like an awesome story could come from that!

I have to confess: I didn’t work too much on my story this week. But, I was able to have a Skype tea time with Mez, and that helped me iron out some things!

What I have been doing is research. I bought several books on cryptozoology and post traumatic stress disorder to help me with this story. I have been having tons of fun with the cryptozoology books and I have decided I want to do a cryptozoology tour of America someday!

However, I still have not found what cryptid Blue is going to receive…

Anyway, I highly suggest doing as much research as you can before hand. It gets very distracting, especially if you use the black hole we call the internet. Once I get on, the rabbit trails lead me further and further away…

I’ve talked about this before, so I’m leaving it at that!

The other part I’ve been working on is the countdown, or ticking time bomb, of my story. Having a time limit in your story is a really good way to ratchet up the tension. In the movie The Labyrinth, Sarah has 13 hour to rescue her brother from the Goblin King, or he will turn into a goblin and be lost forever. The labyrinth is already difficult to solve, but adding a time limit makes the watcher that much more anxious, especially when the Goblin King steals several of her hours!


With Blue, I think her cryptid is growing. Soon, she won’t be able to hide it; she has to find a safe place for it or the evil society will get it and hurt it.

What about your story? Can you add in a time limit? Is an army approaching, a deadline for a project, or a spell about to become permanent? Something that worries your main character and makes her stress out. (Remember, no being nice! Your characters can have nice lives after their stories are told!)

Hope all of you are having fun preparing for novel in November. You are having fun, right? Nine more days! Eek!

Next week I’ll be working on the three act structure of my story and then hopefully making notecards. More on that next time! Good luck and have fun in the coming week!