Bri & I are first & foremost writers. And by writers, I’m talking pens, notebooks… even quills & parchment, if given the option. We are neither of us techy sorts. But we do try! And sometimes our trying leads to small victories…

I’m happy to announce one such mini victory in the materialising shape of our Video Blog (or “Vlog” – See! I’ve got a few techy terms up my sleeve!).

While the written word shall continue as our primary & most beloved medium, we’re pretty chuffed at the idea of supplementing our posts with videos of our writing retreats & Story Chasers adventures (tales of our London escapade coming soon!), because sometimes describing just doesn’t cut it. We want to take you with us, on location!

So, without further rambling, here ’tis! Our very first ever Brewhaha Book Café Vlog of this year’s Annual Writing Retreat!

Granted. We’re still newbies at the Vlog thing. But we are determined to improve, & we’d be just tickled pink if you’d saunter over to Youtube & subscribe to the Brewhaha Book Cafe Channel. We’ll do our best to bring you the creme of our Story Chasing adventures & any other tidbits you all have an appetite for. Feel free to leave comments, questions & requests! We are, as always, at your service.