stirling-castle-202103_1280Okay, fellow writers, I started writing this post a week ago while still in England, therefore it is a little out of date, but still applicable! Basically, this was before we officially started our Novel in November work.

Mez and I have been talking about our stories for Novel in November; we plan on starting Write Your Novel in a Month by Jeff Gerke this afternoon. Wish us luck because technology is against us today!

Mez was reading it through on the train and we started talking about ways people start their stories. We both tend to start with characters or a very general story idea; it’s a bit of a shock to think other people start in other ways. My story idea came about because I wondered what a girl named Blue would be like. Mez was playing make believe in a 16th century house and met a precocious little German girl with her German shepherd. That girl and the make believe play became the basis for her story idea.

How about you? Do you have your starting point? Is it a character, like me, or a snippet of an idea like Mez? A setting, an era, even just a genre? Maybe a picture, like the castle above, is your inspiration. Do you have a plot? Hopefully if you want to write a book, you have an idea of what kind of book you want to write or who you want to write about.

Now to figure out what you know and what you need to know! I enjoy making my own fantasy worlds so I can do the least amount of research, though this time I will be looking into cryptozoology, which will be fun! (And, as it turns out, cars. Took over two hours to find the perfect car for my male lead: blue 1969 Ford mustang boss 302. Check it out, it is beautiful!) Mez will soon be researching the 16th century, specifically, the relationship between Germany and England and their nobility.

What research do you have to do? If you are basing your story on a setting (like the Amazon or New York City) or an era (World War II or the Victorian era) you will need to do a lot of research, to know your topic through and through. Mez and I hope to get all of our research done before November so it doesn’t take up time.

Back to present time. Mez and I have a tentative timetable for October (Mez, correct me if I’m wrong on anything!). So we will continue having Monday blogs with general tips for how we plan on getting through November and actually meeting our deadline. Wednesday will be writing prompts, and Friday updates on our own progress and suggestions on your pre-work (is that a word??).

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Good luck, writers! Don’t forget, the time will fly and November will be here soon. No procrastinating allowed! (Says the girl awake at midnight before a really busy day…:) Night!