Mez and I have started working through Write Your Novel in a Month by Jeff Gerke. We’ve been working on our characters, filling out bios and putting them through personality tests. Just learning who they are and why we should tell a story about them.

My main character is a girl named Blue. She is seventeen, light blonde hair, pale skin, tiny build, and big, bright blue eyes. She wants to be a cryptozoologist when she grows up. Feisty, loyal, brave, stubborn and can be a little insensitive when she gets riled up.

I also ‘profiled’ her boyfriend-to-be, Diego. His mom named him after the tiger in Ice Age. He is steadier than Blue, already working as a mechanic, a good one. He is also seventeen, tall, brown hair and brown eyes. Logical, empathic, and controlled, he makes a nice counterpoint to the vivacious, impulsive Blue.

How about you? Who is your main character for your Novel in November? Do you have him all planned out, or is he still a mystery to you? Let us know in the comments below!

If you don’t know where to start, I still suggest Write Your Novel in a Month by Jeff Gerke or Book in a Month by Victoria Lynn Schmidt. If you can’t get hold of a book to help you, look up some personality tests online and answer them as if you were your character, then read about that personality type to get a better handle on your protagonist. If you don’t know your character well enough to do the test, you can start with a bio.

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Height, Weight, and Body Type
  • Description
  • Any tattoos, piercings, jewelry
  • Clothes
  • Home Life
  • Occupation
  • Any quirks, gifts, goals,
  • Any anxieties or traumas
  • Also, how they feel about these things. Do they enjoy their home and job? Do they like the way they look?

Don’t forget, unless you plan on never letting anyone read your novel, you need your readers to engage with your main character. Whether it be because she/he is funny, charming, heroic, an underdog, or a bad guy with a good heart, the reader has to care about what happens to them. If we don’t like them, we won’t read about them. Simple as that. And as complicated! Have fun with it.

We will continue updating you on our progress through our novel pre-work. Mez is working on getting the videos we shot edited and uploaded, but her computer was still rebelling against her the last I heard. Wish her luck and I wish all of you luck in your novel pre-work!