First of all, if you are reading this somewhere other than our actual blog, I encourage you to check out our new and improved look! We did it at 3:00 in the morning…trust me, that is an interesting time to struggle through blog customization. We’d get one aspect the way we wanted, then change something else and ruin the whole thing. We are still fiddling a bit, but we currently like the look.

On to our writing retreat! I cannot believe the event I waited over six months for has come and gone. We actually did some work, but it is clear to us we actually get more work done when we are apart-imagine that! But it was incredibly fun and the weather was perfect both in London and in Lyme.

Lyme is beautiful. Hilly, but beautiful! My calves were killing me after the second day, but the views while we hiked were worth it. Of course, the first thing we did after the train and bus ride was have tea and do some more editing.


We stayed in a little cabin in a woman named Sally’s backyard. She brought us a marvelous full English breakfast each morning…so full we could never finish it! Then we’d wander down to the Cobb and through Lyme. Little tip for foreign visitors (aka Americans who are used to grabbing fast food at midnight) almost everything shuts down by five with the exception of one or two grocery stores. We would have a late lunch, then have a beggar’s feast around nine or so. Check out our locally grown, ground, and baked bread shaped like a fish!



As I posted earlier, we did in fact finish editing each other’s manuscripts. Basically, both need a lot of work but also have a lot of potential. They have both been moved to the back burner as we focus on Novel in November, but we will continue to work on them. Once November is over, we will set new deadlines for us to strive for. And just so ya’ll know, if I ever meet a deadline, I will be ecstatic with joy.

Back to Lyme. Check out this picture.


See the rainbow? Love rainbows. And the ocean. And clouds. I am in love.

Not the point. My point it, see that little bowl of land under the rainbow? Mez and I hiked all over that bowl! Our goal is to one day hike to the peak of that second hill: the Golden Cap. We got to late a start in the date and I didn’t have the best shoes to hike it (not to mention the afore mentioned calves that are not used to traipsing uphill for miles).

I took these pictures from that hike.

Nice weather, not too hot, not too cold. Beautiful scenery. Chocolate. Ocean and sun. And my writing buddy, of course. Perfect day!

Or was it??


Yes, fellow writers, that is my writing notebook, full of info on my current story, Fey. I put a bottle of water into my purse and obviously didn’t close it right. Soaked my purse and washed away much of my writing. Literally. The first page is still legible, but on several pages, half the ink is washed away. Not. Cool. I’m still a bit horrified.

But beyond that, it was a wonderful Writing Retreat.

Here we have a wall outside of a bookshop. There was also a tiny little shop called The Writing Shop. I don’t have any pictures, but Mez has video of it. It had journals, folders, some quill pens, stamps, and some awesome colored pencils that looked like sticimg_1819
ks. All a bit pricey, but fun to browse through. The cafe next to it had an amazing chai latte and some good tea called Lyme Fog (I think). Then one more shop down is a travel agency with some incredible globes in the window, and the next shop was full of fossils and gems. Basically, if you like window shopping (or are rich, either way), this is the place!

So that is our Writing Retreat in a nutshell. Tomorrow I will update you on our Novel in November pre-work progress. Hopefully Mez will reconcile with her computer and they can together bring us the videos of our fun times. Night everyone!