Happy Sunday everyone!! Sorry for the lack of updates; Mez’s computer is sick. We have lots of pics and videos to share, but can’t upload them!! So I’m doing this on my phone, so please forgive any typos.


Lyme is incredible. The weather is perfect, sunny and just warm enough to carry a rain jacket instead of wearing it (but can’t leave it; rain appears quickly and enough to soak you in a minute).
Mez and I went over our manuscripts, a tough but necessary process. She needs to smooth out her plot, I need to work on getting into my characters’ heads and adding description…as well as finishing!


Today we are doing some hiking, working on future blogs, and thinking about our Novel in November projects. Yes, it is that time for everyone to start seriously thinking about that. Where has the time gone??

That’s our plan! I hope everyone has a restful and productive Sunday. See ya!