Occasionally dreams really do come true, and occasionally the digital world materializes into the real, 3-dimensional world. Today has been one of those occasional days for Bri and me. As you’ll know if you’ve spent any time with us here at the book cafe, we don’t see much of each other beyond our blog chats & skype tea parties…. in fact, we rarely meet beyond once a year! But now, at long last, Bri is HERE in London, & our digital tea parties have magically turned REAL!

Bri covering my manuscript with red slashes whilst ‘daintily’ sipping an English Breakfast tea;-)

So as we were “working” away at our 3-D Wednesday Writer’s Cafe at the local patisserie, we got to talking (this is the problem with trying to work with your writing buddy in the same geographical location!), and our conversation led us to this critical question: If you could be transported by a teacup, where would the teacup take you? Would it depend on the flavour of tea? Darjeeling transports you to the mountains of northern India whilst English Breakfast lands you in Jane Austen’s day Bath?

We might have gone on exploring the possibilities all Wednesday long, but then we remembered all of you, our digital cafe friends, patiently awaiting your weekly question. So here it is, your first prompt in preparation for Novel in November:

1. Wherever you are, stop and look around you. Pick an object, any object that catches your eye.

2. Think: if your object were a portal, what sort of world would it take you to?

3. Set a timer for 15 minutes and write about the “wardrobe moment”, ie. the moment of stepping out of your world (with the help of your object) and into another. What do you notice first? Think 5 senses. If it were a movie scene, what sort of music would be playing?

Now let your imagination run wild! Have fun visiting your strange new worlds, and leave us a comment so we can enjoy them too!

Happy Wednesday, folks… and happy writing1

Mez & Bri