September is without a doubt one of my favourite months. For a lover of literature & changing seasons, September is a deliciously transitional month from hot, languid summer to cool, crisp autumn, not to mention the gateway into the holiday season! September for me is the month for curling up with a chai tea latte and an old favourite book (since the weather’s changed, for some reason I’ve been itching to read Pride & Prejudice for the umpteenth time!)…It’s the time for pulling out the woolly jumpers and cozy socks, for lacing up adventure boots and traipsing under periwinkle skies & crunching through burnt-smelling leaves… for sipping steaming bowls of soup and listening to jazz (Vince Guaraldi Trio is playing “The Best of Charlie Brown” as I write;-).

But this September comes with a cherry on top of all the usual delicacies. If you’ve been following our Friday Countdown, you may just have guessed the flavour of that cherry…?

In mere hours, Bri will be leaving the sunny farmlands of Georgie (where it is STILL 100 F!!!) & flying to an awaiting wonderland that is England in autumn! I shall be meeting her at Paddington Station tomorrow around noon, and once she’s revived with the help of a bracing hot chocolate from Lauderée, together we shall officially commence our Annual Writing Retreat (AWR?) 2016!! 

But wait, there’s more!the mind reels – tomorrow I will be *attempting* to film our very first Brewhaha Book Café VLOG! That means we’ll be able to take you all with us on our retreat to Lyme & our story chasing day out in London!

WATCH THIS SPACE! We’ll be sharing the Youtube link for the VLOG soon as it’s up. September is about to get even better:)

Meanwhile, leave a comment below & let us know what you’re reading & what you love about September. Now it’s back to reading Bri’s manuscript – it’s just too good to speed read!