Let’s get right to this. I leave in three days.

Let me repeat that.



Around 75 hours. I can hardly believe it. So excited, so crazy busy, getting to frantic! But I’m almost packed, which is a major achievement for me. My goal is to get unpacked within 6 months this time. Yes, I’m serious. I didn’t unpack for six months last time! But packing was pretty fun this time. Usually I’m packing thick sweaters and jackets; this time I got to pack t-shirts and jackets. SO MUCH MORE ROOM!

And then there are the books. Who can relate to the following conversation:

Rational Brain: You won’t have time to read.

Love to Read Heart: I can’t go on vacation without books.

Brain: You. Will. Not. Have. Time. You have to read Mez’s manuscript and write your own when you have down time, plus work on the blog. Not read.

Heart: But…but…books…

Brain: No. They’re heavy.

Heart: Your point?

Brain: And take up room in your luggage.

Heart: So?

Brain: So you can’t take them! Especially five of them!

Heart: They’re looking at me. They don’t want to be left behind.

Brain: I give up.

Heart: Yay! Books! Raise your cover if you want to go to England and probably never leave my luggage!

So far I’m taking Mrs. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (probably all three), The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman, and Persuasion!

Moving on, there are only



until November 1st, and that time is going to fly. Mez and I really encourage you to try out Novel in November this year, and to start preparing for it now. This year can be the year you finally have a completed first draft!

That’s that! The next time I talk to you, I will be In England!  Have a good weekend everyone.