Dear writers & aspiring ones,

For today’s Wednesday Writers’ Cafe, we are at last popping the cork on the long-awaited bottle of joy that is Novel in November. As of today, registration is OPEN for this year’s event (only just over 1 month away now!). Bri & I want to gently but exuberantly implore you to sign up right away. Success in finishing 50,000 words in a month will take commitment and a fair bit of pre-planning, so we recommend giving yourself a head-start to plan, muse, & get yourself mentally into gear. (Need help knowing where to start? Check out Bri’s top tips for setting yourself up for success before November here!)

So how do I register, you ask?

Registering for the event is a great way of nailing your colours to the mast; of announicng to yourself & the world (ie. us) I AM gonna write that novel, by golly, and ain’t nothin’ gonna stop me! Ready? Just head over to our Novel in November page or use this link to get on our special N in N mailing list. Fear not! We won’t overburden you with long-winded, newsy emails because, after all, we expect you’ll be busy WRITING in November. But here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Throughout Oct., Wednesday Writers’ Cafe will offer weekly writing exercises to get the creative juices flowing & help you think about all the aspects of your story.
  • Throughout Nov., the blog will become a forum for Novel in November – a place where we share our progress (and our frustrations) & invite you to do the same.
  • For email subscribers only: you’ll receive a bi-weekly “care package” in your inbox filled with select tips, resources and bits of inspiration to help you meet your goal.

If you’re thinking “Woe is me! How can I choose between Novel in November & Camp NaNoWriMo?” we say, do both! You can’t have too many resources… as long as those resources don’t cheekily become the means of procrastinating from actually writing…

Now without further ado, hop on over to registration, mark your diaries (or calendars, if you’re in the US) and drink a long drought of confidence. You CAN write a novel this November. Dreams do come true with a heap of hard work and friends to cheer you on.

So consider Bri & me your very own writing fairy godmothers, here to set you up with a coach and team of fast horses that will whisk you off to novel writing success before the clock strikes 12 on 30 November! Bon Voyage!