Nearly forgot!! But it is still Friday here in the US of A…though it already Saturday for Mez. Oh well.

So, Mez and I exchanged manuscripts! Hers is all but done and my computer is currently struggling to open it…I’m looking forward to finally reading it start to finish. Mine…well, I only got about a quarter of the way through. I’m hanging my head in shame. And I’ll be so busy the coming week, I’m  not sure I’ll get any writing done at all! But maybe Mez can help me smooth it out.

Guess what??



until I leave for England!! So close it’s almost time to start packing! I just received Mez’s birthday/Christmas presents in the mail (fyi, her birthday is in 8 days!).

There are



until November 1st. Seems like a long time, right? Trust me, it’ll fly by! I bought my plane tickets back in May, and it seemed like September was forever away, yet here we are. Those 46 days will be gone before you know it.

There’s the count, and it’s dwindling fast. I wish all of you luck in your writing and a great weekend!