Friday!! Raise your hand if you love this day! Since I work with animals, my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the week, yet I still get that “IT’S FRIDAY!!” feeling. Gotta love it.

So here’s the weekly count, and it is both exciting and terrifying.

Mez and I have



until we exchange manuscripts. I will not finish. I apologize to all. But it is not happening. However, I will get done what I can, and Mez can look over what I have. How are you doing, Mez??

So that’s the terrifying number. Next is the exciting one!!



until I head to England!! So I have another confession. I’m super excited to see Mez, to go to England, to have some days off for the first time this year, but I am also so looking forward to the weather. Here in Georgia, it has been high to low nineties (around 35 degrees Celsius). The low has been 70-75 Fahrenheit (around 23 degrees Celsius). In other words, it has been HOT!! Then there is the fact that I usually go to England in December or January, when it is freezing cold. BUT NOT THIS TIME!! Ladies and gentlemen, London and Lyme are currently 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit  (13-24 degrees Celsius). PERFECT!!

I think those conversions are correct…anyway, I’m excited! And I’ve really got to get started on my list of things that need to be done before I leave…especially buying a new charger for my computer…my cat bit through mine so I’ve been sharing with my mom. Can’t share it on different continents!

And finally, there are



until November 1st. Are you thinking about Novel in November? Do you have a story idea? Have you thought about how to make time to write? Mez and I will start really talking about it soon, telling you our story ideas and our ideas on how to achieve success this November.

Of course, it will be interesting to see if Mez and I can meet that deadline!

Well, that’s today’s count. Have a good weekend everyone, and I hope you get some writing done!

Oh yeah…how do ya’ll like my dragon hourglass? Awesome, right! There’s another one I want, but it’s kind of expensive…but Christmas is coming!