The lone writer packs up his typewriter, his pipe and his Panama hat and bids adieu to the churning cogs of everyday life. He hails a train, a ferry, a sail boat… through tranquil doldrums and raging storms, his notebook is in hand, taking every profound thought, every insight into life’s meaning captive for future use on the way.

And then at last, he sees it, glittering in the afternoon sun – the pristine, untouched, perfect writing spot! In no time, his kettle is piping away while his type writer churns out the sort of prose people will be quoting for centuries…

Ernest Disapproval
Photo by Lloyd Arnold/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

We all know this romantic Hemingway type – the writer in his secluded sanctuary, evading all distraction and soaking up his surrounding inspiration to turn it into literary gold dust. But for most of us, we don’t even have the luxury of writing for a day job… it’s squeezed into the leftover time & space of our rather exacting daily schedules.

BUT, what if you could get away from it all? What if you could float away to your dream writing location?

Where would you go on your Dream Writing Holiday?

Earlier this week, Bri & I announced the location for our Writing Retreat 2016. We count ourselves pretty lucky to be “getting away from it all” and staying in a place like Lyme Regis that is positively blooming with literary history and inspiration. So in light of our excitement – because after all, this is a DREAM COME TRUE for us – we’re inviting you to dream.

Go on. Give it a go! Dream big & let us know where it takes you. You never know… Someday that dream may sprout wings & actually take you there!

Here are some funky actual writing retreats out there if you need a little help: