It’s Mez here. Yes, that’s right. Separated across the Atlantic though Bri & I be, I’m here counting down in England as well. And I must say, this countdown has been an excellent exercise in meeting deadlines (one of the few ‘downsides’ of becoming a published author…so I’m told). Unfortunately, I must confess that I too am REALLY stretched to make this deadline… ie. I may have to pull some all-nighters ‘ere long. I haven’t done that since University! Things could get a little ugly…

But before I work myself into a right tizz, let’s stay calm and remember… there is yet time! To be precise, until our manuscript swap, we still have exactly: drum roll….

19 days!

On a much more celebratory note, Bri will be making her way here to my wet English turf for our annual writing retreat (stay tuned for the big location reveal coming up next week!) in a mere:

32 days!!

And last, but by no means least, I hope a great many of you out there have marked your diaries to join us for the story-spinning adventure that awaits in Novel in November. Can you believe it? It’s now only:

65 DAYS!!!

So much to look forward to! And we look forward to sharing it with you, our dear posse of readers, writers & tea drinkers… oh yes, there shall be abundant consumption of tea, as is the rule when Bri & I get together.

So, dear friends, prepare to write, drink & be merry!