Last week Bri posted a Dragon Cloud on something that’s entirely familiar to us all, and yet effects each one of us in different, wonderful ways. The sound of Music!

Many a writer requires background music to create a rhythm or set a mood for writing, but in my experience, the music is never content to remain in the background. It has a life and a force of its own. It can quicken my pulse or put me at ease. It can bring back a memory &, with just a short string of notes, bring me to tears. And inevitably, it makes its way into my head, out through my finger tips, and into my story. Having a soundtrack changes my writing flow…I being to “watch” my own scenes unfold, like a film. Music brings my story to life!

No doubt about it, Music is a powerful agent & a potential key to unlocking creativity for us story-spinners. But it works a little differently for each one of us, so here’s our question for you, dear fellow writers:

What’s your writing tune?

What kind of music unlocks your creativity? Do you prefer gentle instrumentals, or banging beats? Or do you set Spotify on a station to suit the scene at hand? OR, are you a silent writer, preferring to compose your scene in peace before adding in the epic soundtrack?

Leave a comment below, & share your favourite writing tunes with the rest of us– maybe together we can compile the ultimate writing playlist for Novel in November!!!