Finally! I am reunited with my computer! Actually, I had my laptop with me all day, just not the charger! SO FRUSTRATING!! So I got NO writing done…and I only have


days left

to finish my first draft to give to Mez! It’s going to be SO close! I won’t even tell all of you how much I have left…it’s intimidating. But I’m past my stuck point, and things are moving again!!

And then there is the Writing Retreat, which is


days away.

I’m super excited to be going to England. I haven’t seen Mez in person in FOREVER!

Finally, Novel in November. I’m also really looking forward to trying this for the first time. November 1st is


days away.

So be thinking about it and if you’ll be joining us, don’t forget to sign up to get daily encouragement through the month of November!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and finds some time to do some writing. Good night all!