A writer sits at his desk, words flowing easily from his mind to his fingertips to his computer. Word after word, line after line, perfection appears on the screen. In no time, he has reached his quota for the day and he is able to spend the rest of his hours relaxing by the pool with a book. Because writing is easy and simple.

How may of you can relate? Yeah, me neither! Writing is difficult.

Let me repeat that.


What is the hardest part for you? Is it the planning? Researching? Can you write an awesome end, but the beginning is rewritten ten times? Does writing dialogue make you cringe, while description comes easily to you?

For me, it’s action scenes. Any fights or battles, especially ones with more than two characters. Whenever I have to write one, I feel like an ant staring at a wall, and if I can just get over it, the rest of the story will be waiting. But first, I have to get through the action scene that is scaring the daylights out of me.

What aspect of writing is the most difficult for you?

Fortunately, we live in an age where there is information about everything. If there is a part of writing you have a hard time with, check to see if there are any books, blogs, or websites to help you through. You are not alone in the struggle!