The Dream Snatcher

By Abi Elphinstone   Dream Snatcher

The life of a Romany gypsy kid is pretty great for Moll Pecksniff–climbing trees, collecting nature’s treasures, getting into all manner of mischief with her best friend Siddy, even running wild with her own wildcat-slash-sidekick Gryff! It’s the life every kid dreams about, until… Moll’s dreams become haunted by sinister, masked figures and memories of her parents’ mysterious deaths. And it’s no coincidence. The Shadowmasks responsible for killing her parents are now bent on destroying Moll and Gryff, the only two living things prophesied to put an end to their dark schemes to strengthen their evil powers and overthrow all that is good in the forest…or maybe even the world?

Will Moll and her friends be able to discover the Amulets of Truth and fulfill the bone murmur’s prophesy before it’s too late? Or will the Dream Snatch prove too strong for one gypsy girl and her wild pet?

This book takes the gypsy-wanna-be on an adventure that is both wild and magical, dark but often funny, and reminds the reader of the profound power of friendship against the forces of evil that be.

This is the sort of book to read hidden away in a homemade din or up a tree in summer months to let the gypsy magic have its full effect. Note well! This is the first installment of a trilogy. Once you enter Moll’s wild world, you will be hooked for two more books. Check out Abi Elphinstone’s website for news on the final installment!

Genre: Middle Grade Adventure, Fantasy

Recommended Tea: Forest Berries or Nettle