Yes, those are armadillos. Weird looking things, aren’t they? But super cute! So why are they on a Dragon Clouds post? Because look at them! They are cute little critters that have ARMOR! Imagine describing an armadillo to someone who has never seen one before. Well, it has a tiny pointy head with cone shaped ears, a big oval body with thick, plated skin like armor, and a little naked tail sticking out. Sounds like an odd fantasy creature, right? When I need inspiration for fantasy animals, I look at ‘ordinary’ animals. There are fascinating creatures in our world, many more suited to a fantasy kingdom. Have you ever seen a hummingbird close up, and heard the sound of its wings? Really looked at an ant hill and the incredible structure the little guys can build? Caterpillars turn into butterflies, spiders create beautiful webs, goats climb unscalable cliffs.  The animals in our world are incredible and strange and beautiful. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind us borrowing some of their traits to turn into fantasy creatures.