a monster callas

Written by Patrick Ness

Inspired by Siobhan Dowd

Illustrated by Jim Kay

Conor has been having nightmares ever since his mom first became sick, nightmares about a terrible monster. So when a giant tree monster appears out his window, he isn’t scared, but disappointed; this isn’t the monster he’s been waiting for. The tree monster has come walking, for Conor called him, though Conor has no idea how or why. The monster says he will tell Conor three stories, and demand a fourth in return, a fourth that is Conor’s truth. If Conor doesn’t give it, he will be swallowed up alive.

This was a beautiful story how one boy deals with his mother’s progressing illness, his stiff grandmother, his absent father, and the pitying teachers and students. The monster and his stories reveal truths to Conor and to the readers, truths we may not like, but are still true. The illustrations are suitably scary and poignant, matching the story perfectly.

The book has been made into a movie coming out this winter, and I’m looking forward to it!

Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy

Recommended Tea: Any Green Tea