It isn’t quite Wednesday here in the US of A, but those of you across the ocean are well into it, so here is our Wednesday Writers’ Cafe!

Imagine you are just writing along, everything is going well, then BAM!! The words stop flowing quite so quickly as you realize you must make a decision on what’s next. And you find yourself staring at the screen or page, but seeing your story play out in your inner eye.

Ever thought how strange we look sometimes, staring off into space, seeing things no one else does? Oh well! Perk of being a writer, the world expects us to be strange!

Anyway, getting off topic. The question for today is (insert dramatic music)…

What do you do when you are untangling story knots?

I’m not talking about writer’s block. As in, physically, what do you do when you just need to think? We all come to a point where we have to work things out in our heads to proceed with the story. Often, this means lots of mental activity, little physical activity.

Do you stare at the screen, hands poised, as you try to work out why your characters are going to point G instead of point B? Do you pace as you try to decide how your protagonist is going to go 200 miles in an hour? Do you go for a walk? Lay on your back and stare at the ceiling, pretending it is actually a movie screen playing the same scene over and over with different variations until you find the right one?

Let us know in the comments below!