The Hundred and One Dalmatians

by Dodie Smith

If you have any passing interest in top-notch adventure stories, rescue missions and, most importantly, dogs, One Hundred and One Dalmatians is a treat of a read. Daring, intelligent and fiercely loyal, Pongo and Misses set out on an adventure from London to the English countryside to rescue their stolen puppies from the vicious fur-loving villain, Cruella de Vil. Dogs great and small of Dogdom and even some of their human pets come to the aid of the heroic dalmatians; but will they reach their puppies in time before Cruella has them turned into spotted fur coats? And even if they do rescue their own pups, will they be able to put an end to Cruella’s evil antics for good?

This book will keep you on the edge of your seat and give you a new appreciation for our heroic four-legged friends as you join Pongo, Misses and a host of helpful dogs and cats on this unforgettable rescue mission. Even if you’ve already seen the film… READ IT! Or you’re missing out!

Genre: middle grade animal adventure

Recommended tea: Lady Grey