Welcome to Wednesday Writers’ Cafe! And today’s topic, though a little on the lighthearted side, is befitting of our ‘cafe’ setting. Food & drink may seem trivial in light of the blood, sweat & tears you’ve been pouring into your Story. But hey, you have to fill up your engines before you can pour it all out, right?!

In a recent magazine interview, British kids’ lit sensation Jacqueline Wilson was asked what her preferred writing snacks were. She answered, “Coffee is always a requirement when I’m writing, and I go through different phases of biscuits, I went through a long period of party rings, then shortbread. I’m currently into fig rolls.”

Obviously, here at Brewhaha Book Cafe, we are enormously dependent on hot tea of all brews, and consider it the ultimate creativity elixir. One of us (Mez) enjoys a good cup o’ Joe as well, while the other (Bri) would probably rather drink pig mucous… appetizing!

But what about you? What’s your favourite brain food/ beveridge to keep you going while you write?

Or perhaps you epitomize that classic archetype, the agonized writer who shuns all vittles until his masterpiece is complete. We hope you’re not wasting away under such strains, but if you do have a peculiar writing-eating relationship, tell us about it!

Happy writing, and bon appetit!