IMG_1660Rapunzel’s Revenge

Written by Shannon and Dean Hale, Illustrated by Nathan Hale

Rapunzel lives with her mother, a witch with growth magic, in a grand villa surrounded by a tall wall. Lonely and curious, on her twelfth birthday she finally climbs the wall. What she finds shocks and infuriates her…and lands her in a tree tower for the next four years. Deep in a forest steeped in growth magic, her hair grows and grows until it is long enough for her to free herself. On her own for the first time in her life, Rapunzel has one thing on her mind: revenge and justice. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy. Within a day of her escape, she teams up with Jack (as in Jack and the beanstalk) who turns out to be a thief, accidently steals a horse, and becomes wanted dead or alive. Can a sixteen-year-old prisoner turned outlaw and a boy with a goose save the land from a powerful witch?

This graphic novel is beautifully illustrated and a lot of fun to read. Rapunzel and Jack race around an Old West setting as she uses her long red braids to take down outlaws and ferocious beasts. This princess doesn’t need a prince or fairy godmother to save her!

If you like this book, check out its sequel, Calamity Jack. In it, Jack and Rapunzel go back to Jack’s hometown to clean up the mess he made and rescue his mother, taking on giants and the terrifying ant people!

Genre: middle grade, fantasy, graphic novel

Tea: American Breakfast