I love a story that features an unlikely friendship, don’t you? So many come to mind & immediately make my heart all warm & fuzzy: Legolas & Gimli in Lord of the Rings, Mr. Fredricksen & Russel in Up, & more recently Nick Wilde & Lt. Judy Hopps in Zootopia (if you’ve not yet seen it, one’s a fox, the other a bunny… I’ll let you guess which is which!)

Occasionally, I’m lucky enough to witness an unlikely friendship in real life…. like yesterday, when my dog Hugo & I came across this Griffin – a stone sentinel armed with talons & a crushing beak… and this stuffed elephant.

Who knows? Maybe this particular Griffin can’t sleep without his cuddly elephant buddy. Maybe he takes as much flack for it as Linus does for faithfully toting his trusty blanky. But does he look like he cares? I mean, the other griffins might ruffle his feathers, but who’s gonna mess with this guy?


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